Ghana’s first, largest and most prestigious protected area.

Mole National Park is located in northern Ghana and is the biggest National Park in Ghana. The park covers an estimated 4,577 square kilometers and is home to several species of mammals and birds. It is thus by no wonder that this Ghana National park rates as the most popular game park and the best visited of all parks and reserves in Ghana.

The park is an important water catchment area with smaller water streams and other rivers pouring their water in the White Volta. Kparia and Polzen are among popular rivers in the park which have developed into a spectacular water falls downstream. There are an estimated 742 species of plants and trees in the park of which 4 are endemic species and more than 20 are classified as rare species

Visitors and guests are privileged to see a variety of wildlife from an escarpments at the motel. Over 90 mammal species have been recorded, notably elephants, baboons, monkeys, warthogs, kobs, buffalos, leopards, lions and other antelopes.

More than nine species of amphibains; 33 species of reptiles and over 300 species of birds including the globally threatened fox kestrel, Senegal parrot, violet plantain-eater, yellow-billed shrike and red thoated bee-ea