The Tree Hide is a viewing platform built on a strong tree

The Tree Hide is a viewing platform built on a strong tree, which enables visitors to get a close feel of nocturnal wildlife while the animals visit the nearby saltlick (a place where animals go to lick salt from the ground). Hyenas, buffaloes, baboons, leopards, antelopes and birds are some of the animals you might see. Throughout the night there are over a hundred birds chirping, and this, combined with the cries of hyenas and baboons, is very exciting for any animal lover.

The Tree Hide experience begins at the Information Centre, with a one-hour walk to the Tree Hide at 5:00 pm with an armed guide who will remain with visitors for the entire period of their stay at the Tree Hide. The Tree Hide experience ends at 8:00 am the following morning. There is a borehole near the Tree Hide, for those who would like to bathe before setting off.

Visitors are advised not to wear light clothing, as there are tsetse flies on the road to the Tree Hide, and the tsetse flies are able to bite through clothing. A double layer of clothing, long trousers, socks, boots and insect repellent will all come in handy on your journey.