Water Bodies at Mole National Park: Polzen, Kparia, Kulpawn

Mole National Park forms part of the White Volta catchment, and numerous rivers cross or originate in the Park to drain into the White Volta.
Most of the rivers, with Mole and Lovi being the major ones, are seasonal and drain into the White Volta. The Polzen, Kparia, Kulpawn and many other smaller rivers on the North-Eastern part of the park are perennial, although dry season flows are much less than wet season flows. Almost all the rivers drain eastwards into the White Volta.

The park has a fairly good proportion of gallery forest, which occurs along the major rivers and streams: notably, the Mole, Lovi, Polzen, Kparia and Mbonwura. These gallery forests are significant in providing suitable habitat for species such as the Yellow-backed duiker and the Black and White Colobus monkey, which are typical forest species. In addition to these rivers, there are other waterbodies in the Park, in the form of, springs, waterfalls, creeks and ponds. There is also a natural freshwater pool, known as HarabaHaraba Pool, where a lot of fish can be found. This could be good potential for sport fishing.