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By Flight

From the capital Accra and Kumasi, you can go by air with an inter-city link flight to Tamale (Capital) and board mini buses running from Tamale to Damongo.

For more information on flight to Tamale, kindly contact the following airline operators in Ghana:

Africa World Airlines
Tel: +233242438888
Tel: +233302745514, +233245841996, +233269781890
Starbow (Accra and Kumasi)
Tel: +233245000000/ +233312001386

You can also choose to go by a rented car, trotro (relatively cheaper than rented cars), STC, from Accra through Kumasi to Tamale. You can also get a trotro car from Bole to Sawla and to Damago mostly in the mornings. From Damango which is closest town you can get a car to Tamale of Kumasi and connect to Accra either by STC, OA, or even trotro. The trotro system is very common among all the Ghanaian transport systems.


By Private Vehicle: Driving to Mole takes about 10 hours (690 km) from Accra; about 6 hours (422 km) from Kumasi; and about 2 hours and 30 minutes (146 km) from Tamale. It takes about 3 hours (181 km) from Wa on the Wa/Kumasi road; and about 4 hours (307 km) from Bolgantanga on the Bolgatanga/Tamale/Kumasi road.

Driving from Accra:
The Headquarters of the Park is located some 146 km south-west of Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region, and about 690 km from the national capital, Accra. There is only one main Park entrance, located 3 km from Larabanga, off the Damongo-Sawla road. To get to Mole National Park from Accra, you must first get on the Accra-Kumasi Road. When you get to Kumasi, stay on the main Kumasi highway until you get to Anloga Junction. At Anloga Junction, turn right. Drive straight until you get to Airport Junction. Turn left at Airport Junction, and take the turning to Kumasi Magazine. This should lead to another town called Techiman. At Techiman, ask for the Tamale Road. After crossing a bridge over the White Volta, drive until you get to a small town called Fulfuso (popularly known as ‘Damongo Junction). At Fulfuso, there is a wide junction with a turn to the left. Turn onto this road, and drive for another 89 kilometres (two-and-a-half hours), passing through Damongo and Larabanga, till you get to Mole National Park.

By Bus or Coach from Accra or Kumasi: Board a bus or coach at a Tamale-bound station. If you don’t want to go all the way to Tamale, you can stop at Fulfulso, and take a tro-tro (minibus) to Damongo or Larabanga. From there, you can take a taxi, or catch a ride on a minibus, to Mole National Park.

By other Bus or Coach from Tamale: In Tamale, you can go to Sankpala Station, and from there you can board a tro-tro (minibus) straight to the Park. You can also get on board a Damongo-bound tro-tro (minibus), and at Damongo, you can either take a taxi straight to the Park, or board a tro-tro to Larabanga, and then take a taxi or hike to the Park.
Road Transport from other Major Towns: OA Travel and Tours, STC, Metro Mass Transit, VIP and VVIP buses have daily services to Tamale, from Accra, Kumasi and Bolgatanga. From Wa, Metro Mass Transit buses go to Damongo daily, and visitors on the bus can disembark at Larabanga.
By Bus or Coach to Accra or Kumasi: We recommend that you go straight to Tamale, and do not wait at Fulfuso Junction for a bus bound for Accra or Kumasi. The wait at Fulfuso can be unduly long or unfruitful, so it’s better to bear the extra thirty minutes to go to Tamale, and get on a bus from there. Accra and Kumasi-bound buses and coaches have set departures times: the morning buses leave Tamale between 6 am and 9 am, and the night buses leave between 4 pm and 7 pm.


Scheduled Transport between Tamale and the Park: 

Please be informed that the Metro Mass Transit bus is no longer operating between Tamale and Mole. As a result, there is no direct public transport from Tamale to Mole and vise versa.

Note Daily coach no longer operate. Arrangement are far advanced for a new bus operator to begin operation in July 2016.

Driving Times from Mole National Park to Various Communities and Locations:
Bawena                                               –              2 hours
Bole                                                    –              2 hours
Bui National Park                              –              3-4 hours
Buipe                                                  –              3 hours
Daboya                                               –              2 hours
Damongo                                            –              20-30 minutes
Ducie                                                   –              4-5 hours
Fufulso                                                –              2 hours
Gbantala                                              –              5 hours
Gbele Resource Reserve*           –              6+ hours
Goriba                                                 –              7 hours (minimum)
Jang                                                    –              3 hours
Jelinkon                                               –              2½ hours
Kabampe                                             –              30 minutes
Kananto                                               –              30 minutes
Kparia                                                  –              5 hours
Larabanga                                           –              10 minutes
Lovi                                                      –              1 hour
Mognori                                               –              20 minutes
Murugu                                                –              1 hour
Polzen                                                  –              5 hours
Sonyo                                                   –              2½ hours
Tamale                                                 –              2½ hours
Zanwara                                               –              7 hours (minimum)
* In the Upper West Region